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Master Instructor
Gary M. Galloway
Master Galloway began training in 1980 in Houston, Texas, and quickly excelled gaining notoriety as a competitor state-wide. While winning numerous tournament competitions in various styles of martial arts, Mr. Galloway trained in a traditional-style program in Taekwondo, Shudokan Karate, Hapkido and Chinese Kung Fu.  Gary owns and operates a Chang Lee's TKD center in Garland, Texas, with his wife, Rose, and their two children, Jackie and Austin... his bronze medal from the 1986 Junior Olympics is older than most of his peers.

Gary has since achieved extensive recognition with awards, medals and championships - some repetitively - including the Cup of the Americas, National Collegiate Championships, international invitationals and more. Gary continues to train for and to compete in Olympic Trials, National qualifiers, U.S. Open Championships and more.


In the early years, Mr. Galloway was one of the youngest students to reach the rank of Black Belt. Gary had extensive experience in teaching students of all ages and, at the age of 12, served as the martial arts instructor for the Houston YMCA instructing over 75 children every day.

Gary trained with his father (Master/Dr. Jerry Galloway) and helped operate the family's school (Traditional Martial Arts). For many years, he had both training and teaching responsibilities there and with Grandmaster Kim Soo in Houston, Texas. He continued to compete in a wide variety of local competitions of all sorts usually facing competitors much older than his age group and, in some cases, competing against adult men.


Gary - Age 11-12

Gary: Olympic Training Center
Gary developed his interest in competition perfecting his Olympic-style skills at the national level. Having numerous 1st place, state-level championships, Gary received his first national championship medal in 1986, still as a junior competitor.

In 1994, Mr. Galloway was honored with an invitation to train with the Korean National Team.  Training at the Kukkiwon center and other venues around Seoul, Korea, Gary excelled in the sparring trials arranged between the U.S. and Korean groups. Gary enjoyed the camaraderie and the opportunity to exchange training and competition techniques with his Korean hosts and to export U.S. good-will and respect with our Korean friends in Taekwondo.

After relocating to Indiana in the early 1990's, Gary earned his Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics Education at Indiana University Northwest.  Serving both children and adults with both traditional and Olympic-style backgrounds, this Dallas-area school provides a wide range of advantages in martial arts education meeting the enrichment interests of adults and the growth and developmental needs of children.



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